The patent-registered snow-removal procedure

According to the principle of causality the snow-removal procedure (abbreviated: SRP) solves the problem directly at its cause. Contaminations like snow, slush, ice, sleet and hail are no longer cumulated. Now, small amounts of contamination will be removed in short intervals. In so doing, the braking coefficients will be held very high as a result of airstrip specific combination of clearing intervals and segments. This is achieved by an airstrip specific combination of clearing intervals and clearing segments, an individually coordinated employment of machinery and by an exactly dimensioned working width.

In the snow-removal procedure, airstrips are cleared by means of computerized and satellite-based snow-removal mobiles. The SRP can be executed during the normal take-off and landing without causing interferences. In so doing, the SRP will be adapted to weather conditions, local conditions and air traffic.

Depending on the employment of machinery and cycle time, determined by air traffic, a complete clearing activity for a large runway with a width of 60 m and a length of 4000 m takes 2.5 to 5 minutes.
With the help of the snow-removal mobiles, the SRP enables during the clearing activity to measure the braking coefficient and report it simultaneously to the head office, if requested.

With a clearing capacity of 120 m²/s, the Snow Removal Procedure guarantees an anti-skidding runway free of contamination during the whole air traffic. At any type of weather!

The SRP shortly summarized:

Clearing quality:

By means of SRP, the complete runway is kept clean and the braking coefficients are held permanently high.

Large working widths, low sweeping speed between 10 and 15 km/h and power-driven tools enable an effective use of brush.

If required, the areas needed are de-iced chemically. At any time, the de-icing can be adapted to changing weather conditions.

By means of SRP, snow-covered and contaminated runways are a thing of the past.

Conversion to the SRP:

A conversion to the SRP is executed as follows:

Integration in your fleet of winter road clearance

Beginning with an integration period, the SRP can also be used in your current clearance gang.

During the integration period two vehicles, clearing a runway with a length of 500 to 1000 meters in longitudinal direction (without constructional change), will be used.

The integration period offers direct comparison to your current clearing procedure. Depending on the operational condition, you will decide the time period and point of time for using the SPR completely.

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