SRP in use:

Complete clearing

In this operating mode, all airstrip segments between two aircraft movements will be completely cleared, period of time approx. 5 minutes.

complete clearing image 1

The Snow Removal Groups (SRG1, SRG2, etc) are waiting with the same safe distance to the runway as e.g. an aircraft waiting for take-off.

complete clearing image 2  complete clearing image 3

The Snow Removal Groups (SRG1, SRG2 ...) start cleaning the corresponding air strip segments after take-off or landing of the aircraft.

Integrated procedure

In this operational mode the available wake turbulence separating times are used in scale of seconds and during this period the defined segments will be cleared. In this mode, a runway can be completely cleared during running air traffic up to 4 times per hour. Depending on the local condition, weather conditions and estimated time window, the crossings and clearing movements are variable.

Integrated procedure 1

Snow-removal vehicles are waiting on the service path with the same clearance distance to the runway like an airplane waiting for crossing.

Integrated procedure 2  Integrated procedure 3

After the landing aircraft passing by, the aircraft (B) crosses the runway and the snow-removal mobiles exempt the runway from snow, ice, water and foreign substances and drive on the service path of the opposite side.

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